This globe, inspired by a world map published by Flemish master mapmaker Gerard Mercator in 1587, features many named islands and the extensive ornamentation typical of the period including many ships and monsters.

Price: $2,550 including stand by Roger Cash.


This Globe, based on a famous map published by reknowned Dutch cartographer Ortelius (n. Abraham Ortel) in his momumental opus  Theatrum Orbis Terrarum in 1570, is available for immediate sale.

Price: $1,840 including stand by Roger Cash 

The 17th Century was perhaps the aesthetic apogee of mapmaking and this globe was inspired by a well-known copperplate map published in 1645 by dutch cartographer Willem Blaeu in this period.
This globe is thus lavishly ornamented with period ships and sea monsters.

Includes a beautiful handmade stand in rosewood by Roger Cash. SOLD

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